Abby is a well-mannered British girl from a wealthy family. When she's not busy studying for university exams, you'll find her at her family's stables, riding horses. It's rare to find such a straight-laced beauty who's willing to pose nude for the camera, but Abby was really curious to explore some of her hottest sexual fantasies on X-Art.

Abby (aka Abigaile Johnson)

Addison is a super-cute and smart university student. She loves reading, red wine and working out at the gym. She and her boyfriend are exhibitionists who love to be watched while having sex. So they contacted us at X-Art when they decided to take it to the next level. We are very happy they did!

Addison (aka Mia Manarote)

Adriana is a gorgeous east coast girl. One of those pretty things that all the boys were probably after in school. She is super intelligent, loves sex and is a lot of fun! All of these qualities make her a pleasure to have on the set ;-) See you soon hottie! xoxo


Aidra is absolutely stunning. We honestly could not believe she just turned 18 years old. She carries herself with a grace that just can not be learned. She has the cutest face with the biggest brown eyes you will ever see. Her sweet face hides an inner wild child and she is going to let it out at X-Art. We will have this beauty back soon! Aidra likes to watch movies and has a punk-rock side that she can hide if she wants.


Aika, like her name, is a very unique girl, and one of the coolest babes around! She is free-spirited and has a very healthy appetite for sex. This European beauty enjoys reading, painting, and going to the cinema...then rocking your world in the bedroom afterwards. Welcome Aika!


When Alexis first came to my studio, I was struck by her natural beauty.  At just 18 years old, she possesses a radiant quality and innocence that is, in essence, her source of power.  We spent several days shooting together in my loft in downtown Los Angeles.  The camera loves Alexis, and I'm sure you will too.

Alexis Ryan (aka Alexis Adams )

Alice is a 19 year old cutie! And like Bunny said, "You just want to eat her up!" But watch out, because she will probably be the one eating you (she has an insatiable appetite for sex!). She also has the most beautiful eyes and puffy nipples. Alice we will follow you down the rabbit hole all day long! XO ~ Colette


Alina is a stunning Spanish sex siren (is that enough S's for you?) We are thrilled to have her join X-Art and our erotic revolution. This babe is a sexpert indeed, and is ready to pass along her expertise. Class is in session, and the teacher is HOT...and naked!


Somewhat of a veteran to the erotic business we have been wanting to get our virtual hands on Allie for quite some time now. A beautiful face and body. This brunette really knows how to rock it in the bedroom, yet she comes off as a sweet girl next door. I bet there are thousands of men (and women) who have had some sweet dreams about this sweetie!

Allie (aka Allie Haze)

How many times can I say the word "stunning"? A lot I guess. Especially when we have girls like Amelie walking onto the set and jaws are dropping left and right. And to make it even better her personality is a 10! She loves what she does, works hard and has a smile for everyone. Also, very intelligent, she will make you laugh and just generally contribute to an awesome atmosphere on set! Amelie, Chloe (and mistakening referred to as Jericha by me one time)...we love you lots and lots! Come back soon! XOXO


Ana is one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) that we have ever had the pleasure to meet! An extremely intelligent and athletic girl who loves sports, reading and life in general. She has a smile that will melt your heart. And an ass that is so amazing I can't even find words to describe that precious piece of her perfect body. She just seems SO wholesome when you meet her, but it turns out she is the ultimate tigress who LOVES sex like crazy. Such a hot and sweet girl. She has it all! How is she single? We can't believe it. Someone (man or woman) is going to be very lucky to catch her one of these days!


Angel is a tiny beauty with a huge appetite for sex. She is very graceful and moves like a cat. Men and women alike find it impossible to resist her multiple charms and extremely skilled hands and lips. When she is not working for X-Art she works in a bank (really). She also enjoys painting and writing. Stay tuned for more of this petite Angel cumming soon....

Angel (aka Rosemary Radeva)

Angelica is simply an angel. One the best models we have ever worked with, if not THE BEST! She is graceful as a dancer or a cat and as sexual as a lioness in heat! A truly sweet personality to match her perfect face and body. We can not believe our eyes, she is really too good to be true. But she is real! Get ready to see this stunning star. You will fall in love, I promise.

Angelica (AKA Abbey, Abbie, Abby C, Abby H, Angel, Ksyusha, Masha Roofkina, Megan, Snejanna, Vera, Chelsea, Ebbi)

Angie is what some people would call a 'sexual dynamo'. She is a professional model and she loves her job! With her long raven black hair, perfect cute face, tight body, gorgeous breasts and big bedroom eyes she is irresistible to men (and women ;-) She is an absolutely adorable, 'euro-chic' style girl that we would love to see again!


A combo of runway fashion model looks and cute girl next door. But the best thing about Anna is her personality! Honestly I don't know how a girl this pretty can be so down to earth and so funny! Anna has a brilliant future with whatever she chooses to do. For now, she loves sex and we love that. This is just the first of more Anna to come ;-) I really like the girl a lot! xoxo Colette

Anna (aka Anna Morna, Anastasia Morna)

Stunning and extremely sweet: Anneli is sure to be another new X-Art favorite! Her parents are Swedish but she lives in Eastern Europe now. She is absolutely perfect. When you meet her in person she almost doesn't seem real, more like a doll (but with a really great laugh and smile)! Members can look forward to more of Anneli coming soon!

Anneli (aka Pinky June)

Annemarie is a tall and tenacious blond fashion model from the Netherlands.


This American brunette beauty is HOT and ready for action! She surprised us in her first shoot by her amazing personality, sexual energy and go-with-the-flow attitude. I'll say it now (and I'm pretty sure her future X-Art lovers will all agree) -- she's a keeper!

Arianna (aka Ariana Marie)

Ariel is a well known nude model. She is hugely popular for her gorgeous natural breasts, beautiful face and funky red hair. She named herself after the Little Mermaid and has stuck with her look for years. By popular demand Ariel is a new addition to X-Art. Hope you all enjoy this amazing and fun woman!


Just 19 and extremely eager to shoot for X-Art we met Ashley in Malibu. Well it worked our perfectly because she couldn't get enough of it and we can't get enough of her! An absolutely stunning body, gorgeous eyes and the coolest personality ever. She is smart and sweet and sometimes wears glasses. The girl next door you may have missed at first glance, but you won't miss her again. Welcome to X-Art and see you again soon...

Ashley S (aka Ashley Scott, Ashlyn Molloy)

This gorgeous girl is not only photogenic, she tastes like cherries and has the heart of gold. Want to see more? She's only just begun. We can't wait to work with her again soon (and her HOT little body). Aubrey is definitely a star!


Avril hails from a small town in Florida and has a personality to match her gorgeous smile. She loves teasing and flirting. Upon meeting Avril she has an uncanny ability to make you want her by making you feel how much she wants you - an admirable skill in this business. Needless to say the entire crew was in love with her. She is a dancer and performer who truly loves her job. She is also extremely witty and intelligent. An all around awesome girl that someone will luck out with one day!


Baby is a 18 year old Latvian beauty. Perfect face, perfect body, great personality and speaks 5 languages! She is a DREAM COME TRUE! She met us on the island of Ibiza (off of Spain) for her first sex scene EVER. We were very cautious with her because she was so new to erotica, but turns out she loved it and had the best attitude ever! She is a true natural on and off camera and charms everyone in her presence. I can't say enough about how great she is to work with. We will be shooting more of Baby in a few weeks. A couple fun facts about her: she loves to read and work on her computer, and like me she wears glasses when she does. She also loves animals, cooking and taking photos. An all-around awesome girl!!! If you saw her in person you wouldn't even believe she was real, a true-life barbie (but one with a brain). Eat your hearts out!


Bailey is new to erotic modeling, but she immediately knew it was for her. She loves women as much as she loves men (a true bisexual girl). With her jet-black hair, big eyes and tiny body she is a sight to behold. So give her a warm welcome to X-Art. She sure gave us one....


Beatrice is a natural and amazing girl! She has the best personality and is a total pleasure to shoot. Her beautiful soul matches her lovely body. She loves sex and truly wants to make her videos very raw and true. She really appreciates the "ART" in the "X" and we love her for that! She is from a small town about an hour and a half drive from the capital of Latvia. She travels the world for her modeling work.

Beatrice (aka Beata)

Another all American cutie tracks us down at X-Art. Already friends with Jenna and some of our more experienced models Belle was excited to do her first group lesbian scene. She seems shy at first, but don't let that fool you. She loves sex and is very experimental. Not to mention extremely charming and sweet. She likes to read, cook and has a dog. She also played tennis for a short time in high school.

Belle (aka Belle Knox)

Bree is an all-natural beauty with creamy white skin, platinum blonde hair and perfect breasts (which are quite large for her tiny frame). She loves sex and especially sex with girls. She told us one of her biggest turn-ons is to be watched while she masturbates. She currently lives in Washington state and travels around the USA for modeling jobs. She is a true laid-back family girl. Bree was a real pleasure to work with!

Bree (aka Bree Daniels)

All American cutie Brooklyn is a sexual dynamo. She hails from Ohio, moved to NY and now makes her home in LA. She says she has always considered herself an exhibitionist. Presently she travels the world as a full-time model. We think she is a nice edition to X-Art, hope you do too!


Bunny is super sweet American girl. Extremely petite, with a pretty face, she is what some would refer to as a 'spinner'. A real pleasure to work with since she truly enjoys sex. She also loves animals, playing video games and reading. Bunny lives in Los Angeles (and obviously that is not her real name LOL, but she chose it and I thought is was fun). She is just like an adorable little Bunny! You almost want to keep her as a pet...and I don't mean that in a weird way, she is just so small and cute!

Bunny (aka Chloe Foster)

Capri is one of those super-cute coeds that can make your heart race! This 19 year old lives in Southern California, where she attends a small university. Capri has captivating emerald eyes, kissable puffy lips and long flowing auburn hair that frames her adorable face. Be careful, you will get a crush on this girl!

Capri (aka Capri Anderson)

Caprice is definitely one of the best models we've ever worked with. She is an absolutely perfect Czech beauty. We had the pleasure of spending a week in the Caribbean with Caprice, so we really got to know her. Her personality is as beautiful as her flawless body. Anyone who meets Caprice will fall in love with her. A true perfect 10!


Carla is a 19 year old blond cutie who isn't the least bit shy about sex. She says, "Getting off on camera is a MAJOR turn-on. Seriously, everyone should try it at least once." Care to join her?


Carlie is an 18 year old cutie from California. This was her first time posing nude, and she absolutely loved showing off her slender body for the the camera. Enjoy!


Carmen is a sassy 19 year-old of Brazilian origin who has lived in the United States for most of her life. Her interests include music and latin dance. Carmen is an only child, which makes her comfortable being the center of attention. She says guys always comment on her incredible bubble-butt, which she credits to her Brazilian ancestors.

Carmen (aka Jessie Rogers)

Adorable, fun and loves sex! Carrie will not leave any man (or woman) wanting. She has a playful attitude and can really flirt. She hasn't been doing this too long, but she really seems to love it! More Carrie coming soon.

Carrie (aka Anouk, Alexis Crystal)

Take a look at this sexy spectacle that is Carrol! She's new to X-Art and already fitting right in. She looks like a fashion model and fucks like a superstar, so hold on to your pants (or drop them...that's definitely a compliment ;-)) Carrol also enjoys riding horses, shopping, and dancing. Catch her while you can!


Another absolutely stunning Latvian beauty, Casey is your new dream girl. She is as sweet as they come, cute as you could ever imagine and sharp as a tack! She also LOVES sex, so this is helpful to her current career choice. While she is exploring her erotic side, Casey is also a student. She loves animals, painting and sailing. Come inside and let her rock your world. A 10 for sure! Lots of love to Casey! Oh and did I mention she's exclusive to X-Art? She is! :-D


This American beauty is like a strong and sexy lioness with intense eyes and a fierce sex drive. Cassidy knows how to please herself (and please you!) so it's in your best interest to give her all of your attention ;-) Go ahead...see if you can tame her!


Probably one of the most (if not the most) adorable little brunettes we have ever met. (I didn't mean for that to rhyme). Cassie is an absolute dream girl, she has a tiny perfect body, great personality and eyes that you could drown in. And she knows it! Watch this shy looking girl transfrom into a sexual woman as our cameras roll. An unbelievable beauty and well deserving of a top place at X-Art! She is awesome. Fall in love (AGAIN). XO


Catie is the girl next door who was really smart in school and also REALLY HOT. But she goes about it in a shy way. She knows she's cute ( I mean come on those freckles are to die for). She has a perfect body with perky breasts and gorgeous eyes. Charming, smart and really likes girls; Catie is going to be a catch for a man or woman someday soon. Only reason I think she is unattached right now is that she just turned 20 (right after our first shoot with her). So she's still young and experimenting. And we are very happy she chose to have some fun with us at X-Art! Hope you love her!


A girl you may meet in a bar or a park. Cecilia studied dnace as a girl and is a sexual exhibitionist. She loves having sex with her boyfriend on camera. She also likes cooking, she is into foot fetish and playing with cum. And she looks just like that girl next door who you either married or let her get away. So cute and hot!


This stunning, freckle-faced, blonde dream girl is a wild one! She is seriously smart, fun and REALLY likes girls (did I say REALLY). She is the sexually adventurous sort and you can count on a fun time if she is there! A personal favorite of ours, that we are happy to finally have on X-Art for all of her fans! A beautiful, wonderful and charming sexual being. Watch her cum! It is awesome ;-)


Chelsea is another stunnng all American girl who just turned 18. She and her boyfriend came to X-Art to make a video. She is 4'11 with size D breasts (and they are real I promise). She looks just like a doll. If you were her I bet you would want to show your beautiful naked self to the world too! They were a little amateur because it was their first time. So we went slow with them and just let them do whtever they wanted. Have fun watching this beauty and her man. Again, only on X-Art!


18 year-old Chloe loves showing off her tiny body for the camera. She looks sweet and innocent, but believe me ~ she's a verrrrry naughty girl! This was her first time posing nude. Enjoy!

Chloe (aka Viktoria Sweet, Victoria Sweet)

Christine is just one of those natural beauties. She has German roots (like the stunning Francesca). We loved working with her and will see her again soon. Another one to fall in love with, they just keep cumming....


Cindy is a beautiful, natural girl. Courtesy of her long legs and pretty face she did some fashion modeling in her teens. She now works in an office and has decided to try erotic modeling for the first time. Cindy is one the sweetest people you'll ever meet. She loves reading, running and making healthy organic food. She also LOVES sex ;-)

Cindy (aka Sindy Vega)

Clover (aka Caramel, Caramel S, Kate, Katya, Mango A)


Connie is a gorgeous 22 year old model from the Czech Republic. Her fun personality, curvy feminine figure and bright smile make her simply irresistible! We had a blast shooting Connie and her cute boyfriend Aaron in the Caribbean. We hope you also enjoy every photo and video this one-of-a-kind beauty!

Connie (AKA Anna Gi, Conie, Connie Carter, Conny A., Conny Carter, Constance, Josephine, Mary Grey, Muriel, Roselyne A, Roxanne)

Just 18 years old and on a year abroad with her university - Diana is the college girl of your dreams! A natural athlete she plays soccer (football). She loves reading, painting and walking her king charles spaniel. She has her first experience modeling nude and masturbating in front of an audience at X-Art. She was shy at first, then really got into it. She said it was empowering and made her feel alive to share herself with us. Thank you Diana, hope to see you again soon ;-)


Can someone please help me find words to describe all of these gorgoues girls?!? Dillion is stunning, sweet. adorable, fun and just perfect! I am running out of adjectives as our models seem to get more and more beautiful. And Dillion is another one of the dream girls to make her mark at X-Art. Seriously, I can't say enough great things about her. Awesome attitude, beautiful face and body (amazing natural breasts) and just so fun! I just want to eat her up! I am sure you will love this girl!

Dillion (aka Dillion Harpe)

This little Russian fireball is just that...SMOKING HOT! She is scintillating and sexy (with a dash of sweet and innocent, well maybe equal amounts of all). You never would have know that she only started taking her clothes off for the camera. Just graduated high school a few years ago, this part time student took a few years to tour Europe on her boyfriend's motorcycles. She has a puppy named Beau, and can dance her pants off. She waited until she was engaged to lose her virginity and then they broke up. So she decided to share with the world now. Don't know about you, but I'm in love with this little tease (who is not exactly teasing if you know what I mean...) xoxo ~ Colette

Elena (aka Melena, Tara)

Elle is one of the most adorable girls you'll ever meet! She has an absolutely beautiful (toothpaste commercial worthy) smile and the prettiest face we've seen in a while. She will chat and laugh with you all day long. She's about 5'5 and has a perfect body from playing soccer in high school (although she says she wasn't very good). She likes boys, but really likes girls and was very excited to pair up with Malena for the sauna scene!

Elle (aka Elle Alexandra)

Her first time taking her clothes off for the camera, she is an absolute natural. The cameras, the crew and well just about everyone fell in love with this beauty. Smart, sweet and fun (what is she even doing in this business? Just kidding!) She loves sex and is very open about her sexuality. She wants to help couples enjoy each other more, like she and her boyfriend do! We love Emilie!


When you first see Erica, she looks so perfect she seems unreal (like a life-size Barbie doll, without the fake breasts). But Erica is a woman empowered by her sexuality, as much as she looks like a doll, she is definitely not! In Portugal (where she was born and lives) she is an actual celebrity. She told us how she rides naked on a white horse during the 'Erotic Festival' parade. Aside from her perfect body, she has a beautiful mind and is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Words can not describe how wonderful she is to work with. To meet Erica, is to fall in love with her!

Erica (aka Erica Fontes)

Eufrat (she's named after the Euphrates River) is one of a truly rare breed. With her classic features and flowing auburn hair, she looks like a fashion model - but she loves to do VERRRRY naughty things for the camera. This gorgeous student from the Czech Republic likes to read popular suspense novels, drink red wine and debate about pretty much any topic. She is also a black belt in karate, loves motocross and super-bikes. Seriously, also one of the smartest and most AWESOME girls we've ever shot!!


This pretty little Ukrainian beauty is one special and erotically-gifted creature. It's nearly impossible not to have a good time in her presence (especially when she is naked ;-)) Cum fall for this X-Art princess and let her drive you sex-crazy!

Eve A

Francesca is a drop-dead gorgeous 23 year-old with a long, slender body, small perky breasts and captivating hazel eyes.  I was lucky enough to be one of the very first photographers to work with her, so our early photosets reflect her first foray into nude & erotic modeling.  Fran is so much fun to shoot because she really enjoys being in front of the camera! She'll be the first to admit that she's pretty much always horny, and she gets turned on thinking about guys (and girls) looking at her pictures.


Gabriella is a gorgeous 20 year old from Spain. She has a sweet and sunny disposition - the kind of girl you can easily fall in love with. Her favorite pastimes are reading fiction books, drinking red wine and - riding motorcyles! Yes, Gabriella may be sweet, but she has a definite WILD SIDE. Our kind of girl!


Coco says... "Georgia is one of our favorite models. She is so gorgeous and sexy. Seriously, the party begins when she walks in the door!"  She has an unbelievably beautiful ass but the her most killer feature is definitely her eyes. She is naturally bisexual and both guys and girls love her.  Believe me, everything you are thinking while looking at her pictures is true. Georgia, little green-eyed devil...we LOVE you!


Gianna is an absolutely exquisite beauty. She has a stunning face and gorgeous body. She is also a hard-headed woman who knows exactly what she wants. She loves traveling and pays for her travels with her modeling money. Watch out that you don't fall in love with her ;-)

Gianna (AKA Florencia, Veronika B, Victoria B, Victoria Blaze, Vienna, Vikky, Viktoria Blaze, Viky)

We just could not pass up the opportunity to shoot this Australia beauty. GiiGi is a rare girl that dreams are made of. From her perfect body, beautiful face and adorable accent men and women alike will fall in love. She also has an amazing appetite for sex (so buckle your seatbelts). When GiiGi is not modeling, she loves quiet evenings at home with her pets. She also loves reading and traveling.


Gina is a tiny little package with a whole lot of sex appeal! This blonde Russian girl is both seductive and silly, and ready to rock your world. What more could you want?! She also enjoys a day at the spa and a night on the town (or in YOUR bedroom perhaps). We can't wait for you to get to know this hottie! :-)

Gina (Gina Gerson)

Gorgeous and so sweet, Grace is sure to be a new X-Art favorite! To know her is to love her, she is truly one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She has just finished school and she wants to move to the United States. Her favorite things to do are reading, riding horses, cooking and trying out new sexual adventures. We are lucky to find this real-life angel and will be shooting her on Ibiza this Summer! So lots more of Grace to cum!


Hannah is blonde, beautiful, and a blowjob expert (or basically all sex-related activities). This special girl has a sparkling personality and a super high sex drive. She is ready to blow your mind (and maybe something else). Cum see!


Hayden is a sweet girl-next-door type. She wants to come to more X-Art shoots and do make-up, she's very good at it. Also, as you can see, she has gorgeous blue eyes, creamy skin and the most perfect pussy we've ever seen!

Hayden (aka Hayden H)

Heidi is a Dutch princess that is very new to erotica, but has an amazing apetite for sex and perfect body for the art. Her beautiful ivory skin, petite figure, perky breasts and long, tousled hair makes for one incredible muse. Her bubbly personality and gentle nature makes you adore her. I'm telling you, one look at this girl and you will fall in love. Welcome to X-Art Heidi! :-)

Heidi (aka Taylor Sands)

Ivana is a fun 'girl-next-door' type with a really NAUGHTY streak! She is studying social services since she wants and loves to help people. But she also loves to help herself to multiple orgasms with men or women; whenever she has the chance. She is really smart and wears glasses for reading. Oh, and she likes dogs more than cats :-)


Ivy is a slim and sweet girl-next door type. She is a part-time model, since during the day she works as a secretary. She has a huge wholesome smile that lights up her eyes when she laughs. When first meeting Ivy one would never know how naughty she really is!


Another gorgeous Czech beauty! Stunning Izzy looks very young for her 22 years. And she has the fun and youthful personality to go with her cute face and body! She loves cooking, shopping and reading the classics. She also loves Caprice (who can blame her). More Izzy coming soon!


Janie is a fun and funky girl. She is very sweet, a little punk and a little bit of a tomboy, but still extremely HOT! Her smile and giant blue eyes light up the room. She is a student at the moment and was very excited to work for X-Art! You can see it in her videos ;-)


Jasmine is a slim 21 year old. This is her first time having sex on camera and she asked if she could act out her fantasy with Tyler. Of course we said yes. During the day, she works as a secretary. She loves cooking, red wine and animals.

Jasmine (aka Gina Devine)

An all American, beautiful and naughty girl. Jayden likes to be tied up and to tie you up. She has silky, luxurious hair, long legs and a tight perfect body. Brand new to X-Art I'm not sure how much erotic work she had even done before. But  she seemed exceptionally comfortable with it all. I would go as far to say that enjoying herself for the cameras got her even hotter. When she's not modeling she likes working out and is into fashion.


One of the hottest girls we've ever shot! You won't believe how much fire is packed into her tiny little frame. Gorgeous cat-shaped eyes, long dark curls and a gymnast! More of Jenna cumming soon...


Jennifer aka Shyla is an all- American girl from Texas. A sweet southen girl, that girls will want to be best friends with and guys will fall in love. Anytime she is in town we make sure to get her in front of our cameras! An amazing, sexy little mynx that will have you panting for more....


Jericha was a virgin before coming to X-Art (just kidding!). Actually, she seems like she is a virgin, she is just soooo sweet! Beautiful cat eyes, perfect smooth skin and a pristine balance of cocoa and cream. Not to mention she has an exceptional body! And did I mention she is an actual angel? More Jericha coming very soon ;-)

Jericha (aka Alexa, Valeria A, Safo, Jasna)

Jessie is an all American girl from Florida. She came to LA to pursue modeling and acting. She is one of those girls that is really cute but also hot, sexy and smart. Some guy is going to be very lucky when she finally settles down. We really enjoyed working with her! More of Jessie coming soon ;-)

Jessie (aka Jessie Andrews)

Jillian is an all-American girl, and is already mastering the art of sex (she is barely legal!) This beauty is comfortable and confident, and enjoys both girls and boys. She also likes shopping, taking selfies, and doing whatever makes her feel sexy! Right this way Jillian, X-Art can take care of that ;-)


Just turned 18 years old a few months before shooting with X-Art Jocelyn wanted to try some nude modeling. She came for a casting and decided to stay and cum....A beautiful face and button lips like a doll. An exquisite body; shy and sweet personality. You will only see her here.


Julie is like a walk in a field of flowers in the spring time. This teen's natural beauty and sweet personality are hypnotizing -- you'll just want to know her (in the most personal way ;-)) Her blue eyes, beautiful natural breasts, and delicately smooth skin are just a few of her incredible features! This Czech girl enjoys picnics, puppies, and laughing til she cries. Cum fall in love with sweet Julie!

Julie (aka Tracy Smile, Joanna)

It's always summertime when you're with Kacey. This sunkissed California blonde has beautiful crystal blue eyes and a petite little figure. She's a combination of spicy and sweet...and she likes sex that way too. Cum play with Kacey.

Kacey Jordan

Karina is a sweet, quiet 'girl next door' type. She has big, beautiful green eyes as well as extremely large D size breasts on a tall slender frame. When she's not modeling she loves to play video games and hang out with friends.


Kat is a mischievous, naughty nineteen year old from Northern California. She's one of our favorite models of all time! She has full, kissable lips, big almond-shaped eyes (like a cat), long lean legs, a skinny waist and the most amazing, gravity-defying breasts. Kat is brand new to modeling. This was only her second time in front of the camera. Best of all, Kat was unbelievably horny during the shoot. Her fingers and sex toys made her dripping wet (as you'll see) and she had three mind-blowing orgasms!!!


X-Art world, meet our lovely new Russian doll Kate. This teen is a wonderful blend of sweet and spicy, and just perfect for erotica! Those big beautiful aqua eyes, pink lips (both sets), and petite body are to die for! Girls and guys alike will Love her, I just know it :-) Welcome to X-Art Kate babe!

Kate (aka Foxy Di)

Katherine is a shy, sweet girl with stunning green eyes. She is from a small town outside of Prague. She is very quiet, but don't let that fool you, she loves sex. Katherine would like to find a man from Europe or USA to get serious with.

Katherine (aka Kari Sweet)

Katka is a super-horny brunette Czech cutie. Best of all, she always has a huge smile on her face, even when she's having sex!


Kaylee is a stunning brunette fashion model with long legs, and a slender body. She is currently studying at a small university in her native Romania, but she's determined to make her mark in the world once she graduates. Kaylee says she's never understood why people make such a fuss about being naked. She says she feels very natural and comfortable out of her clothes. When Kaylee finishes her studies, she plans to travel around Europe and Africa to experience different cultures.

Kaylee (aka Candice Luca)

This raven-haired jewel is one of our newest beautiful czech girls. Revel in her uniqueness and sexual confidence, and enjoy worshiping her incredible body. She is passionate and adventurous -- often enjoying photography and even likes extreme sports! Grab this girl while you can ;-)

Keira (aka Adela Albina, Albina C)

A beautiful blonde from the great US of A! Again I repeat myself, but this girl is also a dream to work with. She has the best attitude, a huge smile and loves sex! Big beeautiful brown eyes, framed by gorgoues blonde hair and a tiny body. Get ready to fall in love yet again.


Brilliant and beautiful! Kenzie reminds me of my little sister who is in med school right now. She just turned 18 years old and came to X-Art to show the world her gorgeous body before she moves on and shows off her amazing mind. We loved her so much we booked her two days straight and we are hoping to see this all American girl back soon. She is one of a kind, a very special girl. Fall in love again and again at X-Art. XO


Kiera is a tiny, spunky girl with big, beautiful eyes and surprisingly large (and perfect) breasts for her size. She likes to hang out with her friends, play video games and model. She really loves 'fashion-style' shoots, her whole face and body light up for the camera. Although she has an aggressive personality, she says she likes sex best when she is dominated by a man or a woman. For all of you guys and girls who like them petite, get ready for this little cutie!

Kiera (aka Kiera Winters)

Another stunning and really fun girl joins our crew of X-Art beauties. Meet Kiki. A Ukranian cutie who loves traveling, cooking, shopping, writing and of course sex! She is just so beautiful and cute at the same time. A woman/giril package. I love her. And if you like skinny girls too, you will also love her!


You will fall in love with this cute little blonde babe! She was so fun to work with and is always sporting a smirk or smile :-) Girls just want to have fun...especially this one! Enjoy her beautiful and inviting eyes and bangin body (just to start!) Welcome to X-Art sweet Kim!

Kim (aka Katy Rose)

Gorgeous, smart, fun and an extremely cool person is what comes to mind when describing part-time fashion model Kitty. She also has the longest legs ever and the sweetest eyes! She is the 'total' package. We hope you love her as much as we do!


This is Coco writing this description, so I'm going to write from a girl's point of view.. Kristen walked in the door of our Prague apartment looking just SO perfectly cute (like some cute girl that lived next door to you that you had a serious crush on). I know guys think some girls are much hornier than others...well, it's true (me for one) but Kristen is way hornier than most girls (did I emphasize WAY HORNIER?)! Anyway, she had an orgasm during her solo masturbation video and again with the clear dildo that she brought along for the shoot. Then she came a few times while fucking her boyfriend for the camera and AGAIN when her two friends jumped on the bed and we shot our first x-art four-way! I'm telling you, it was getting pretty hot shooting this cutie. And, she's all wrapped up in a perfect, seemingly shy, freckled, green-eyed, petite brunette package, who speaks sweet broken English with a soft Czech accent. Kisses from x-art for soft-speaking, hard-cumming and hard working Kristen!

Kristen (aka Jessica Rox, Leony April)

This natural beauty is a rare find (in the real world at least ;-)) and comes to us from the beautiful country of Czech Republic. This was her first time shooting erotic -- and although this angel looks sweet and innocent, she has a personality that is adventurous and so much fun! She loves sailing and enjoying a good book over a steamy cup of espresso. Sounds delightful! Welcome to X-Art Laura :-)


Lovely Leila is a stunning 20 year old with bright blue eyes, blond hair and a gorgeous, well-proportioned figure. She's a sweet, intelligent and sexually liberated woman. X-Art members get to experience Leila enjoying her sex life in it's many forms - by herself, with her boyfriend, and with other girls!

Leila (aka Blue Angel)

This stunning and super hot girl came to us all the way from Serbia! Jake was pretty happy about it. She is a student and aspiring model and actress. She loves animals and riding bikes. Oh, she says she also has a sweet tooth ;-)

Leony (aka Cherry Kiss)

Ahhh, Little Lexi, Sexy Lexi. Although we don't shoot many models who work in the 'adult' business, Lexi is has such a cute 'girl next door' look that we had to make an exception.  She's bisexual by nature; she loves the ladies as much as guys. With all due respect (and then some) Lexi is one of the horniest girls we've ever shot!  Coco loved working with her too, and is looking forward to their next shoot

Lexi (aka Lexi Belle)

Lia is a gorgeous and bubbly all American girl. She lights up a room with her fun spirit and absolutely adorable face. Very awesome to work with and also very cool on the set. She LOVES sex and all shades of men and women. A real natural as a model, which makes her a pleasure to shoot. Lia lives in Los Angeles.

Lia (aka Lia Lor)

9 year old Lilly is a fashion model with a wicked sense of humor, long long legs that go on for miles, and a gorgeous smile that could warm your heart on even the coldest winter night. We had an absolute blast shooting Lilly. We even convinced her to bring her boyfriend along and for an exclusive erotic video. Enjoy!!!


This blonde princess is young and eager to blow your mind! She is petite but has perfect little curves in the right places ;-) She enjoys painting, dancing and flirting (as you will see!) Lily is as fresh as a flower and as fun as can be! Welcome to X-Art :-)

Lily (aka Naomi Nevena)

Lisa is an incredibly hot student from Prague. To earn some extra money, she decided to try a little nude modeling for us at X-Art. She seemed to like the feeling she got from being on camera, so she decided to go a little further and show us how she makes herself cum in private. A super sweet and sexy girl, isn't she?

Lisa (aka Lauren Crist, Lauren Lace, Luce A)

A Spanish rose. One of the most beautiful girls in the world. She is so sensual, gorgeous and also extremely intelligent. Fall in love with this beauty. More of Lorena coming to X-Art soon!


Malena is one of those rare beauties with supermodel good looks, an out-of-this-world body, and insatiable sexual desire. She has endless energy and a roaring laugh that you won't soon forget. During her first shoot with X-Art, it was difficult to contain her. She was running around the pool naked all afternoon, telling stories, and making us all laugh. She's a new X-Art favorite!

Malena (aka Malena Morgan)

Maria Maria! We love the way this little hot tamale is so passionate and free-spirited, which makes her perfect for erotica. Her assets are incredible too! She's only just begun, but we see a very bright future in for this dark-haired princess

Maria (aka Anna Rose)

This beautiful girl is Japanese but lives in the USA to pursue her dreams (and maybe meet a special man). This horny little fireball likes all kinds of sex and can't wait to have her turn in the spotlight. All eyes on you pretty little thing :-)


Marie is a buxom 21 year-old model from Spain. She describes herself as 'a sexual adventurer'. She's always willing to experiment and try new things in bed. Marie lost her virginity to a surfer in the back of his dad's vintage Ford Mustang when her family was on vacation in Santa Monica. "Ever since then, I've loved to fuck." she says, with a gorgeous smile.

Marie (aka Satin Bloom)

Mary is a truly sweet, small-town girl who is blessed with extraordinary features. A petite blond with beautiful eyes, pretty freckles and very large natural breasts. She also has some notable skills in the oral department and enjoyed showing off for our cameras. Although she was quite shy for the solo masturbation scenes, she said she prefers having sex over masturbating and doesn't really know how to make herself have an orgasm without a male partner. Anyone want to volunteer to help her out? A small update to Mary's profile: She since has broken up with the guy she first started making videos with and is now working with women and masturbating solo. She has found that she really enjoys women, as well as making herself orgasm. She hopes to find another boyfriend to work with soon ;-)


Maryjane is a gorgeous 18 year old, all-American girl. She has a tiny body and huge blue eyes. She's presently taking some time off after high school before heading to college. She loves to read and plans to go to school to study literature in the next few years. Luckily for us, she also loves sex and enjoys being on camera. You will fall in love with Maryjane, we all did!


An absolutely stunning girl. Maya has a Czech mother and Cuban father and she has been blessed with amazing assets from both sides. She also is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Currently she works in a law office and models part time. She loves reading, classic films and taking long walks.

Maya (aka Lynette, Linet Slag)

Maya M is gorgeous, horny, and ready to rock your world. She will seduce you with her eyes and drive you crazy with her body. It's as perfect as they come. Oh and she has a sexy brain on her too :-) Cum see!

Maya M

When we first met Megan, she seemed shy and timid. She's one of those girls who is more comfortable fully nude then in clothes. Once we started shooting, she became playful in a provocative way. She liked to tease the camera with her eyes, while her hands roamed across her body.


It is hard to describe Mia in few words because she is just so great one could write a novel! The most beautiful person on the inside and out; she is an absolute pleasure to be around. She is bubbly and fun and can keep a conversation going when everyone else is beat. When our shoot day with her ended up being one that took 15 hours, she never lost her smile or her great attitude. She loves music and reading. And you've probably heard this before but she is an actual contortionist (double-jointed and can do tricks with her body). Not to mention she has one of the cutest, most beautiful faces on the planet and oh yeah that ass!!! We are in love and you will be too!

Mia M (aka Mia Malkova)

Mia is enchanting. A former ballerina, she exudes grace. She showed up at our studio just as she was starting out in nude modeling.  Mia loves sex and isn't shy to talk about it. She has long muscular legs and beautiful smooth skin. Her deep soulful eyes are absolutely mesmerizing and her full lips are pure perfection!


Oops, we've done it again! We found one of the most beautiful and Amazing girls on the planet to get naked for X-Art. Mila is from the great Czech Republic. She loves cooking, animals and shopping. She works in an office right now, but for some reason I think we will be seeing a lot more of her in the modeling business. What a dream girl! Eat your hearts out!

Mila K

Mina is a blond beauty from Slovakia with the most darling smile, big blue eyes, and a smoking hot body! She speaks four languages, including English with a really adorable accent. ;-) We had an absolute blast shooting Mina. When you see her photos and videos, you're definitely going to get a crush on her too - a major one!


Mira is a stunning gymnast who has decided to try erotic work for X-Art for the first time. She did do a few nude photos before, but never any sex on camera with men or women. She was a little quiet at first, but once we got to know her (during our week on Ibiza) we were in love. She was an elite gymnast for years, so watching her strolling around the house sans clothes was kind of like observing a beautiful panther. She is a beautiful person inside and out and she deserves all that the world has to offer! A few facts about her, besides dance and gymnastics she likes reading, taking photos and is an extremely healthy eater.

Mira (Diana G)

Misty is one of those really special girls with a really special body. She is very thin with very large (yet still perky) breasts. She has a smile that will light up a room. She loves sex and experimenting with girls. Enjoy her gorgeous long hair, perfect face and there is a touch of mystery to her. I think she is absolutely stunning and have wanted to shoot her for a while. More Misty coming your way.

Misty (aka Paula Shy, Christy, Christy Charming, Kristyna, Paola de Sousa)

Miu means "beautiful feather" which this gorgeous model illustrates as she moves so smoothly and delicately while frolicking around the shoots. She has us all in awe of her playfulness and perfect body. And those doll eyes...wow. You will not escape the sex trap of this babe! (and you won't want to)


Monique is a 19 year-old junior pro tennis player from the Czech Republic. She's the athletic type, right down to her cute little muscles. Underneath her strong exterior, she's a total sweetheart. Monique told us she likes guys who 'get a little rough' in bed, just for fun of course!


Brand new and just turned 18 years old Nadia is an mid-western American girl with Russian heritage. She has a long lean body and fun personality. She loves sports, sex and cooking. This was her first time at an erotic shoot.


Barely 20 years old Naomi is ANOTHER Czech beauty and she really, really wanted to have sex with Kaylee. So this lucky girl got her wish. Naomi loves animals, cooking, reading and is studying computer science at the local university. She played tennis in high school, you can still see that competitive edge! This girl is a hot player!


A super cute all american beauty! Natalie will just break your heart. A pretty heart-shaped face and an appetite for sex that is rivaled only by a few. She is as sweet as she is naughty! She also loves reading, playing video games and has a dog.

Natalie (aka Natalie Heart)

Nikki is a one-of-a-kind gem, as I'm sure you will see after just a second with her! This Czech babe is petite and has a beautifully unique, exotic look -- including deep, dark eyes that draw you in, perfectly plump rosy lips (both sets ;-)) and a killer bod that you'd give anything to enjoy! Welcome to X-Art you gorgeous thing!

Nikki (aka Nici)

Another stunning Czech beauty joins the X-Art team. And she comes with lots of special requests, but that's ok because she cums a lot. A lean, tall and tan beauty, she looks just like a fashion model. But this fashion model really knows how to get herself and you off. Wtach this gorgeous creature in action...


You would never guess that Presley is such a wild child. She walked into our shoot wearing glasses and spent most of the day reading while she was waiting her turn. But actually, she is quite the tiger! We discovered that gorgeous, sweet Presley truly loves sex and sharing her perfect body. We definitely hope to see her again soon!

Presley (aka Presley Hart)

Riley Reid

Sam is truly one of the most fun girls we have ever worked with! She is a party wrapped up in a super-cute, green-eyed, freckle-faced package. She's originally from the Detroit area and has experienced a few hard knocks, which makes her an even more interesting person. She also has a simply Amazing singing voice, she was singing all day during our shoot. Sam is an exceptional person and model and we're happy to have her at X-Art!

Sam (aka Alyssa Branch)

Meet our newest blonde beauty Sammy! This American teen is adorable, flirtatious and super playful...and excited to join us and experience all that is good in the world of X-Art! There's so much Sammy sexiness ahead, so stay tuned... :-)

Sammy (aka Samantha Rone)

With long sleek hair and snow white skin, Sandra is another gorgeous Czech beauty. She and her boyfriend decided to make a few Erotic videos and discovered that it really turns them on to be watched. So they contacted us to give it a try ;-) She is studying Economics and plans to work for a bank next year. This year she is going to be as naughty as she can.

Sandra (aka Zena Little)

18 year old Sasha is a university student and part-time fashion model who lives in Moscow. Her pale porcelain-like skin, ice blue eyes, and lithe ballerina's body make her an absolute pleasure to behold. Enjoy Sasha's first nude photo shoot, only on X-Art!

Sasha D

Brand new to nude and erotic modeling Scarlett is Amazing (note capital A). She has a perfect slim body, perky breasts, piercing blue eyes and raven black hair. And besides the perfect physical package she is also SO much fun and loves sex. We shot her one day and brought her back for two more shoots right away. A girl who knows how to have an orgasm and isn't shy to show you how ;-) Hope you love her!

Scarlet (aka Veronica Radke)

This redhead is not only hot, she absolutely loves sex. For her first time shooting for X-Art, she proved to be anything but a rookie. Get lost in her gorgeous blue "fuck me" eyes and cum enjoy Serena with us!

Serena (aka Amarna Miller)

Silvie is a stunning, slender 21 year old with long, flowing auburn hair, piercing green eyes and a well-proportioned figure. She was born in raised in Prague, where she attends a local university and works part time as a model. She is one of those few girls who enjoys working in fashion as well as nude/erotic photography.

Silvie (aka Silvie DeLux)

This hot, spicy and stunning girl is a personal trainer and you can tell; I mean she has the body to prove it! With some Brazilian blood running in her veins, she is as wild as she looks. She is a tall girl, and with Jovan these two look like they could be doing a sports commercial (if they weren't having ultra hot sex!) Brazil, here we come. I love South America ;-) xxoo Colette


Stacy is a cute 19 year old university student from South Carolina, USA. She grew up in a small town, but has always dreamed of traveling. She describes herself as 'very sexually curious'. She's always been interested in sex - and she loves to experiment and try new things every single time she's with a guy. Lucky for him!


Piercing blue eyes, raven-hair, milky white skin and cute freckles are what we noticed first when our new model Stefanie came in the door. She has limited sexual experience in real life but was very excited to show us her stuff. Another University student, her first time on camera is here with X-Art! We also captured her first ever time with a girl, she had been fantasizing about one of her roommates for years but was too shy to tell her. She loves to read, paint and sip coffee on lazy Sunday mornings


Stevie is a college cutie who contacted us via email, saying that she wanted to pose nude for the first time. What makes Stevie so special is her personality. She's one of those natural beauties with a great sense of humor. When you're near her, you can't help but smile. Stevie has wavy auburn hair, soft, smooth skin, perfect proportions and long legs. Be careful, you may fall in love!!!


You'll fall in love with this girl, we did! Susie is a gorgeous, blond beach babe with one of the nicest asses ever to grace x-art. She is completely uninhibited and loves showing off everything for the camera. She seems shy at first, but once she gets comfortable her wild side comes out. She speaks broken English in a pretty, soft melodic voice. An all around great model and VERY cute girl!

Susie (aka Lola, Dido Angel)

Suzie is an experienced model. She hails from a small town in Czech Republic and has traveled the world extensively for work. She has an unmatched sweet and sexy attitude that has kept her in demand throughout the years. We chose Suzie to be the first lesbian experience of our new model Stefanie since we knew Suzie could show her what to do ;-)

Suzie C

Her name says it all! "Sweetie" is just that, a beautiful blonde sensual girl from Eastern Europe. She loves cooking healthy food, riding horses and walking around Prague. Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her if you ever get there...


Tabitha is simply... out of this world! X-Art is proud to feature this gorgeous creature in her one and only sex scene - ever.


Another Czech beauty comes to us for her first sex scene with Jake. Teal is unbelievably hot. Long flowing, thick dark hair, snow white skin, beautiful large breasts and a perfect ass and pussy. Also, the cutest face and stunning eyes; she would make snow white jealous. And yes, she is one of those girls who knows how hot she is. Enjoy her videos as she shows you just how naughty she can be. An early Christmas gift to everyone. Welcome to X-Art Teal!

Teal (aka Lucy Li)

The Red Fox is a woman so amazing that she deserves a cool name like this. A natural redhead with creamy white skin, big beautiful eyes and an appetite for sex that you will not see in all Ukrainian girls! After shooting her first video we were so impressed  that we signed her exclusively. She is absolutely amazing to watch. She moves like a dancer and exudes sexuality. So come into X-Art and enjoy our exclusive little Red Fox!

The Red Fox (aka Michelle)

Tiffany is a quite simply perfect in every way imaginable. Her beaming smile and gorgeous body reflect her inner beauty. Tiffany's charm, grace, and boundless sexuality are apparent in every move she makes. She'll remind you of that gorgeous girl who stole your heart in high school...

Tiffany (aka Tiffany Thompson)

Another stunning blonde beauty from the USA who visited our team in Prague. She loves animals, traveling, macaroni and cheese and anything pineapple flavored ;-) She also loves sex, lucky for us!

Tiffany F

A truly special and tiny girl. Tina has French roots. The most Amazing blue eyes and raven-black hair you have ever seen. Extremely bright, she is force to be reckoned with. Such a petite frame of only about 90 lbs; she packs a big punch for a very small girl. You will fall in love over and over again. She is really amazing!!!

Tina (aka Heather Night)

While most of the girls we shoot at X-Art are university students and fashion models, Tori Black is our one sensational exception. She is quite literally THE hottest porn star in the world right now, winner of the 2010 AVN female performer of the year. We just couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with her. It's easy to see why Tori is such a huge success. She absolutely LOVES to have wild and crazy sex - on camera and off. At our shoot, we all fell in love with Tori... she's a beautiful, intelligent, sensual person... and an excellent addition to the X-Art erotic revolution! We love you Tori!


Veronica is an absolutely perfect, extremely tiny --- hot and spicy little lover. She is a part-time student from Florida and one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. We really enjoyed working with her and look forward to seeing her again soon!


Sweet brunette Veronica has light blue eyes and a slender yet curvy figure. She grew up just outside of Hamburg, Germany, where she attended university (her father is German and her mother is Czech). These days, she's working as a model and enjoying the good life traveling and seeing the world.


With her mysterious and mixed ethnicity, beautiful and natural breasts, long flowing hair, perfect ass and an INSATIABLE appetite for sex we just couldn't resist letting the world see the X-Art side of this awesome girl. She had the BEST attitude and really loves her work! I truly like her as a person. She had big hugs for the entire crew when she left. Watch her and you will see what real raw passion is. She just doesb't fake things, this is her!

Vicky (aka Vicky Chase)

A fashion model from the mid-west, Victoria came to LA to make her mark! She has a truly special, exotic look that she mentioned may have some "Cherokee" roots. She also has the LONGEST, most gorgeous legs which seem way to skinny to support her natural C+/D size breasts. She is really smart and has a wicked, dry sense of humor. A true gift from god, this girl is special! Get ready to fall in love <3!

Victoria (aka Victoria Rae Black)


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